Pentagram Technologies

Maintained Under Section 59 of the Indian Partnership Firm Act, 1932


An Indian Partnership company incorporated at Hyderabad, India in February 11, 2022

Previously known as Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited incorporated in February 27, 1997


Mission: Better Technology Through Better Research


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Earlier, Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited has signed both definite and indefinite operational agreements with various organizations both in India and other countries with the idea of promoting research, training, development and commercialization of various products and concepts. Some of the organizations with which the alliance was made are given here. Now, Pentagram Technologies carries forward all these commitments.

  Business Partners

Avatar MedVision U.S., LLC is a limited liability company organized pursuant to the North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act, is executed effective as of date January 29, 2013, by the Members (i) Michael P. Coyle, (ii) Govindarajan Ethirajan (E. G. Rajan)  and  (iii) Chitra Govindarajan (G. Chitra) with its branch in Hyderabad, India




PRC Global Technologies Inc.,, has been incorporated under  the Canada Business Corporations Act in Brampton ON L7A 0S3, Toronto, Canada


Pentagram Research Centre, Hyderabad, India has signed an agreement with SUN Microsystems, U.S.A under SUN Partnership Program. Some of the software products that have already been developed and those which are under development would be ported to the SOLARIS OS based SUN workstations and Sun Fire X2200 M2 dual-core server. In this context, Sun Microsystems had donated a 64 bit high-end rack mountable system Sun Fire X2200.

  Academic Partners
  Pentagram Research Centre, Hyderabad, India has been an approved research center of Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India for offering MS and PhD programs in various disciplines.
  Dr. Swaminadhan Research Foundation