The company was known as Pentagram Research Corporation founded in the year 1993 and later incorporated as Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited on February 24, 1997 under the 1956 Indian Companies Act.

The company was recognized by the Systems, Man and Cybernetics society of the IEEE, U.S.A., and some of the software products were displayed during the 1995 IEEE International Conference on SMC held at Vancouver, Canada.

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Pentagram Research has been organizing International Conferences on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (ICSCI) every year from 2004 till 2012.

We have successfully conducted nine such mega events. This is a platform where researchers and practitioners who are interested in the advances and applications of different scientific disciplines which are classified under Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics.

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Logical Image Processing System version 3.0 is an amalgamation of a number of image processing tools developed using Visual Studio.Net. The algorithms pertaining to most of the routines in this package have been developed in a novel logic-mathematical framework Cellular Logic Array Processing (CLAP).

This non-traditional paradigm advocates pattern directed Search and Replace (SAR) techniques, and so, it guarantees speed and precision. Image processing is a mandatory course in all Engineering related streams in the world.

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