Pentagram Technologies

Maintained Under Section 59 of the Indian Partnership Firm Act, 1932


An Indian Partnership company incorporated at Hyderabad, India in February 11, 2022

Previously known as Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited incorporated in February 27, 1997


Mission: Better Technology Through Better Research


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Advanced Courses and Centres of Excellence




Apart from commercial side, the company is supporting academic and professional research activities since its incorporation and quite a number of people have carried out their research work leading to the award of PhD degree from various universities both in India and in other countries. As requested by many scholars and academic institutions, we are now ready to offer short term and long term courses in various disciplines. As requested by many academic institutions and organizations, we are helping them to establish Centres of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML). Interested institutions and organizations may send email to the Managing Director.



1.   Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (Short and long term course; Centre of Excellence)

2.   Signal and Image Processing (Short and long term course; Computer Vision Laboratory)

3.   Pattern Recognition and Analysis (Short and long term course)

4.   Modeling and Simulation (Short and long term course)

5.   Symbolic Computing (Long term course)

6.   Cognitive Science (Long term course)

7.   Data Science (Short and long term course)

8.   Predictive Analytics (Long term course)

9.   Probability Theory (Short and long term course)

10. Detection and Estimation Theory (Long term course)

11. Molecular Computing (Long term course)

12. Molecular Gas Dynamics (Long term course)

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Courses offered in this company are not a degree awarding program. It is an opportunity given to interested people to further upgrade their research capabilities. This activity is not concerned with any university or government organization and it is purely a private activity based on interest shown by individuals. Certificates issued to the successful researchers may or may not be recognized by other organizations and universities and it is their choice.


Pentagram Technologies




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