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Previously known as Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited incorporated in February 27, 1997


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Logical Currency Checking System


(iOS and Android Versions)

Search for the App "CHECK" - Currency Checking in Apple Store and Google Play Store

Cost of this App is Rs 79/- only per mobile device


Logical Currency Checking System (LCCS Version 1.0) is a powerful world class software (App) that can be used in both iOS and Android based mobile phones to check whether a currency note (Indian Currency) is a genuine one or not, based on the latent print it has. As reported by the correspondent of Hindustan Times dated Nov 18, 2017 13:46 IST, the Delhi police seized 330 fake notes in denomination of Rs 2,000 after a tipoff. The counterfeits had most of the security features of the new currency notes other than a security feature ‘Latent Image’. Latent Image: When tilted at 45 degrees, a Rs 2,000 note shows the denomination value in numerics printed on a bar. This feature has not been replicated at all, said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell PS Kushwah.

LCCS Version 1.0 is capable of detecting the latent image of a currency note instantly with maximum clarity.




This App is just a support system for the user to verify whether "Latent Image" is present in a currency note or not and it stops with that. It does not say that the presence of latent image in a currency note means that it is a genuine note nor it says that absence of latent image in a currency note means that it is a counterfeited note. ONLY agencies authorized by the Reserve Bank of India have the authority to say whether a currency note is genuine or fake.




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